What We Do

Media Management

Meeting marketing goals in today's competitive, ever-changing environment has become increasingly challenging. Multiple options, increased costs, greater risks and smaller profit margins make the need for effective and efficient media advertising essential. Drawing from years of experience in technology, media and advertising, The CR League Team empowers our clients to successfully navigate the digital advertising space and exponentially increase their market reach and influence.


If you can promote your product long after a potential customer has visited your website, wouldn't you jump at the chance? Well, Ad retargeting is exactly this, with a powerful internet marketing technique, that allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave your website, thereby enabling you to increase the number of leads and sales you are able to drive from all channels in your promotional mix.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing requires skills, relationship management, resources and a deep understanding of your affiliates' needs in order to be effective. CR League affiliate team has been nurturing its affiliate members for over 10 years and knows exactly how to deliver tangible positive results to our clients from our affiliate network.

Email Marketing

The CR League Team knows how to deliver promotions that stand out and get delivered directly to your clients' inbox. Increasing email deliverability keeps your campaign out of the targets junk folder and helps provide the desired marketing campaigns objectives. With our feature rich, cost effective email delivery system, we help increase email performance and return on investment (ROI) which is vital for a promotions success. So use our services to find out how the CR League email platform can connect you with new clients, markets and business opportunities. Generate new sales leads, increase your website traffic, increase conversions and help your business retain customers with efficient and effective email marketing campaigns.


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